Ireland's longest running big band
28 Years old!
That's why we stand out from the rest.
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Visually impressive.
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Masterful Musicians.
We also have a 12-person big band:
Black Magic 12.
For smaller venues or budgets.

What We Play - M

The bands library contains the following charts:

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Number of charts beginning with 'M': 11

Mack The Knife. (Vocal) Moondance. (Vocal)
Me And My Shadow. (Vocal) Moonlight Serenade. (Instrumental)
Melancholy Rhapsody. (Instrumental) More. (Vocal)
Mercy Mercy Mercy. (Instrumental) Mr. Zoot Suit. (Vocal)
Misty. (Vocal) My Funny Valentine. (Vocal)
Monitor Theme. (Instrumental)